Established in the spring of 2014, UMiami Scientifica is the first – and only award-winning popular science magazine at the University of Miami.

Our Mission Statement:

  • We strive to make complex scientific information accessible through the use of well crafted, narratives, photography, and design.
  • Whether through open discussion of substance abuse, mental health, or just how to improve performance at the gym – our content is designed to be relevant and meaningful to the members of the UM community.
  • Scientifica is catalogued under the library of congress through the following ISSN numbers:
    • UMiami Scientifica (Online): ISSN 2381-6260
    • UMiami Scientifica (Print): ISSN 2381-6252

Awards and Recognitions

2017 Columbia Scholastic Press Association Golden Crown Award

2017 Columbia Scholastic Press Association Golden Crown Award. From from left to right: Ryan Steinberg, Dr. Sullivan, Steven Lang, Sneha Ramasamy