Where to Get a Copy

You can pick up a copy of out newest issue at any one of the following locations:


    • Ash Building
    • Calder Library (By the entrance/next to Starbucks)
    • City of Coral Gables City Hall
    • Clinical Research Building Lobby
    • College of Engineering
    • Cox Science Building
    • Eaton Residential College
    • Hecht Residential College
    • Helbert Wellness Center
    • Hurricane Food Court
    • Jackson Memorial Hospital Cafeteria
    • McArthur Engineering Building
    • Mahoney Residential College
    • Memorial Classroom Building (1)
  • Stanford Residential College
  • Student Activities Center
  • Richter Library Breezeway Ring theater
  • UC Breezeway
  • University of Miami Hospital (by Starbucks)
  • Rosenstiel Medical Science Building Student Lounge
  • RSMAS campus (1)
  • Whitten University Center


Please contact Corey Fehlberg (cxf415@miami.edu) if any of the above locations are out of copies of our newest issue.